Providing Business Counsel for New & Emerging Small Business Owners

According to Forbes, 80% of all small businesses—that is 8 out of 10—will fail in the first 18 months. Of the remaining 2, only 50%—1 business—will survive past 5 years. These are startling numbers for a brand new or emerging small business! Why do these businesses fail?

One main reason why businesses fail is lack of strategic planning and processes to help the business flourish and grow. Strategic planning includes proper business formation, financial planning, and legal strategies to limit your business liability. By implementing this type of advanced planning, you are making the success of your business a top priority.

At Miller Smith, we want to help you and your business by offering affordable business counsel that will help you get your business started properly under Alabama law and develop your business through strategic planning for growth and prosperity.

While you’re focused on running your business, let the small business attorneys at Miller Smith worry about protecting your business and counsel you on your business affairs. You may think that you cannot afford to have business counsel. However, we know that you cannot afford NOT to have business counsel.

Don’t leave your business exposed and open to potential failure because of lack of strategic planning and processes to help the business flourish and grow. Invest in your business development with the same diligence that you’re investing in your tools, technology, and services. You wouldn’t allow a Google search to substitute for your physical health. So, don’t allow an Internet site to substitute for the health of your business. Contact us today and we’ll get your small business going in the right direction and on the pathway to success!